The Vancouver Volumes

Price and Productivity Measurement, Volumes 1-8
W.Erwin Diewert, Bert M. Balk, Dennis Fixler,
Kevin J. Fox and Alice O. Nakamura (editors)

Each volume will be available in hard copy format from Trafford Press,, approximately 8 weeks after the volume is listed as published online. The volumes can also be downloaded, in full in pdf format as a free e-publication, from the link below for each volume or at The chapters can also be downloaded individually, in either pdf or WORD format, from the files linked from the Table of Contents for each volume.
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Volume 1: Housing
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Volume 2: Seasonality
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Volume 3: Services
Volume 4: International Comparisons and Trade
Volume 5: Hedonic Methods
Volume 6: Index Number Theory
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Volume 7: Productivity Performance
Volume 8: Capital and Income